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Evening Tea

We’ve just finished the Primo Mobile, next stretch is the last four chapters with the Empyrean – and then, we can look back at two years with reading, researching and podcasting from the Comedy! Nine full readings of individual books … Continue reading

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Being Strong, Confident, and having Humility.

Reading through Purgatory again very slowly, it’s interesting to see how one of the key claims of the whole book, and especially in the first Terrace – is that acknowledging and accepting the limitations of our intellect and reason is … Continue reading

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Vita Nuova – Poems

After Dante wrote the famous Poem called “Ladies who have intelligence of love”/”Donne ch’avete intelletto d’amore” – which he is also referencing in the Purgatory XXIV: But, tell me, do I not see standing here him who brought forth the … Continue reading

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Confirmation of the Rule, by Ghirlandaio

This painting in the Sassetti Chapel in Santa Trinita in Florence is a very important and historical one – showing Florence and the Medici Family symbolically replacing Rome as the main City of Culture and Glory at the time! Confirmation … Continue reading

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Dante on Structure as essential element of Thought.

One of the main and interesting discoveries in Dante’s Comedy is how essential the faculty of structure is in his storytelling, cosmology, theology, philosophy and in the nature of thinking in itself. This at times feels very much like an … Continue reading

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