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A dawn

From the beach in Purgatory: Thus, where we were, Aurora’s lovely face with a vermilion flush on her white cheeks was aging in a glow of golden light.

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Good morning! šŸ˜Š

Morning coffee šŸŒ‡ā˜•ļø

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The nature of Abundance, and Rebirth.

At the end of Chapter one in Dante’s Purgatory, Virgil picks up a reed at the shores – a symbol of Humility – and girds the waist of the pilgrim as Cato had instructed them. Then comes one of the … Continue reading

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A Brief Review of “The Matter with Things”

Here is a quick review and rating of McGilchrist’s new book “The Matter with Things”, on GoodReads: The Matter With Things: Our Brains, Our Delusions, and the Unmaking of the World by Iain McGilchrist My rating: 5 of 5 stars … Continue reading

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The Sacred, and “The Matter with Things”

A brief reflection on the last two chapters of “The Matter with Things”:

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McGilchrist on the Sacred, and Intellectual Humility

In his newest masterpiece “The Matter with Things”, McGilchrist writes about the approach to the apprehension of something transcendent, or Divine: “What the term ā€˜G-dā€™ requires of us is not a set of propositions about what cannot be known, but … Continue reading

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Jason and the Argonauts

Great new episode from Adam Bishop on the Unlimited Opinions Podcast:

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Re-discovering the First Millennium

This is another great conversation – an Orthodox Icon Carver and a Protestant Pastor in North America, discussing how the Internet is creating new forms of ecumenical dynamics and growth, and re-discovery of the old Greek Church Founders:

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Schism, Dante, and the history of the last two millennia

A great conversation between historian Fr. John Strickland, and Sam Adams of the “Transfigured” Youtube Channel.

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For better waters now..

The beautiful opening of Purgatory: For better waters, now, the little bark of my poetic powers hoists its sails, and leaves behind chat cruelest of the seas. And I shall sing about that second realm where man’s soul goes to … Continue reading

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