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The Angels

We’ve just published a new podcast episode about the Creation of the Angels here: https://dantescomedy.com/podcast, and reposted the Empyrean post here: https://dantescomedy.com/before-the-empyrean-the-10th-heaven Enjoy! 😊

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Love and Wisdom in the Sun

A brief overview of the Sun in Dante’s Paradiso is here! https://dantescomedy.com/cherubims-and-seraphims.. ☀️

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Good afternoon! We’ve just added two more episodes to the Book Podcast, scheduled for February, and will now get back to Chapter 9 in the Purgatory again! 🤠

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Morning Episodes!

This morning we have two new Epiosdes, one on the Purgatory Series, and one on the AW Morning Show 😊 The Morning Show can be found here: Podcast Enjoy!

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New Purgatory series – the Big picture!

Morning! 😊🌇☕️ We’ve just published the first episode (8 mins) of our new Purgatory series! https://dantescomedy.com/podcast Enjoy!

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New Podcast Page!

After a bit of experimentation – it seems like we’ve landed on putting the Dante Podcast as part of the Dante’s Comedy website 😊 https://dantescomedy.com/podcast And we’re aiming to make a new series on the Purgatory soon – with 10-15 … Continue reading

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..once again, to see the stars!

We’ve just finished the last episode of the whole Divine Comedy (Starting with the Paradiso) – to be released next Saturday, August the 1st at 10am UK time! 🎇 ..the First Journey is done. And the Guiding Lights are shining … Continue reading

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