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The First Mover, and Time

From the moment we leave the Fixed Stars and enter into the First Mover, the poetry changes from deep theology to pure philosophy about motion, the universe, and Time. And the whole sphere is pure motion: “The parts of this, … Continue reading

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Beauty in Arts, Nature, and the Mystery

Here is the passage where Dante compares beauty in arts or in nature, with the spiritual beauty within oneself, of the Divine Mysteries: And all that art and nature can contrive to lure the eye and thus possess the mind, … Continue reading

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Examination by St. Peter, St. James and St. John

In the final steps before the Empyrean, the Pilgrim needs to show a deeper understanding of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love – which then brings him closer to the Divine Light in the Highest Heaven. And then … Continue reading

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Notes from Opening The Paradiso, the Second Time!

The saying goes that after reading the whole Divine Comedy by Dante, one is ready to start reading the Divine Comedy – so now we’re starting our second Journey through Paradiso, and we’ll write about the new discoveries and greatest … Continue reading

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Dante’s Vita Nuova!

After a full year of podcasting the Divine Comedy, we’ve now started on an earlier work of Dante – the “Vita Nuova” (New Life/Young Life)! And in the very opening chapters – Dante is describing the vision that came to … Continue reading

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Lyceum, July 29th

Today the topics of our Nature Ramblings are all from the Book of Purgatory – about the Mercy of the Divine, bridging Science and Reason with the Spiritual, and the massive arrival of Beatrice in chapter 30, which is also … Continue reading

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