The Aeneid – A Podcast Series

The Flight from Troy, by Federico Barocci.

We’ve just finished reading (and recording) the Aeneid by Virgil – and the last episodes will be up from April 1st – April 6th on the subscription podcast! Four episodes covering the second part of the Epic Poem, with the Wars in Latium and the founding of Lavininum. Which later leads to the founding of Alba Longa, and then of Rome itself, 300 years after that.

So this has been most of the month of March – a deep dive into the Roman Epic of Virgil, and exploring the cosmology and pagan world of Aeneas. It’s already shedding an interesting new light on Dante’s Divine Comedy and the role of Virgil as the guide, at first close to all-knowing and confident, and then gradually on his own exploration and learning, with amazement, through the book of Purgatory.

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