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3rd Episode, and Reason

The 3rd Episode is live! Purgatory, Episode 3 A shortcut to just the Purgatory Episodes is here: Purgatory Series Enjoy! ☀️

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The beginning

Reading out loud from the first two cantos of the Comedy last night, it ‘s striking how clearly the overall structure is implied, but how constrained the inner description of the Pilgrim is. The feeling of being in a small, … Continue reading

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The Third Terrace of Purgatory

We’ve just moved up to the third Terrace of Wrath and its balancing virtue, Gentleness! And again it’s fascinating how much has been put behind us as readers – once the Beach, landscape, climbing in Ante-Purgatory, and the first two … Continue reading

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Gates of Dis, as limitations of Reason

Today we had another great conversation about the deeper significance of the Gates of Dis, and the rejection of the futile efforts of Virgil to open them, as Reason. On a Journey into the deep and into Knowledge as well … Continue reading

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Inferno – Episode 17 and Geryon!

Enjoy! 😀

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Purgatory 27 – The Purifying Fire, and Crowning Moment!

In canto 27 there are two big moments in Dante’s Journey through Purgatory! The Pilgrim is first walking through the Wall of Fire (meaning the final purification, and the symbolism of death before rebirth), and the chapter ends with the … Continue reading

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