Vision Quest – Opening the mind and Resistance

Great new video from our friend Seán Eckmann at Mythos & Logos, with deep symbolic wisdom. From a McGilchrist perspective; the fighting with the Great Spirit that gives insight might be an internal struggle of the hemispheres, the LH (left hemisphere) refusing new perspectives and strongly defending its current model, the RH (right hemisphere) potentially giving deep new gifts of understanding and broader horizons. But the gift cannot easily be pushed or hunted, it often has to be received, when the time is right.

Similar ideas might also be found in the story of Jacob wrestling with an Angel, or how the Divine Grace is being received on its own premises, not when we ourselves decide. Which brings to mind the opening scene of Dante, when Virgin Mary has seen the Pilgrim from above in the Heavens, and decides to intervene. The same perspective of the internal dynamic of the hemispheres could apply to all of these aspects.

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