Before the 10th Heaven

We’ve just finished the Primo Mobile and the 9th Sphere, and we’re trying to digest what is really happening there; in a sense how the first two books, which are all on Earth, and then eight more spheres in the third book, are all wrapped together in the Primo Mobile as just consequences of motion itself, which spreads out from the calm center of the nature of the Universe, and also creates Time.

It’s a bit like 94 cantos are all wrapped together into a point or idea or concept of Motion, before we reach that which embeds this point, and thus also embedding the totality of the creation and cosmos as well. And in Dante’s cosmology this is the pure Light and Love, and the Mind of God, as outside the boundary of time and space, and embedding it.

There is also some very interesting psychology in how this works whilst reading the books. It is somewhat like moving away from a construct of the whole story in your mind so far, into solely pondering movement and change, creating a whole different way of looking at Being. Especially the timelessness of eternity, and the still center from which motion and time emanates. This way of using writing to describe the transition is nothing but breath-taking in its beauty and simplicity. And the temporal element of language guides this mysterious inversion as preparation for the final experience, into the highest of the Heavens.

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